Converting EWHO to WordPress

I’ve just spent another frustrating weekend fighting with Drupal.  Version 6 was no longer compatible with upgrades made at my ISP, so I upgraded to version 7, only to find that the handling of images has been completely revamped, and all of my image galleries and work-in-progress images are broken.  There are lots of online posts giving snippets of PHP code people are using to build their own image recovery systems, but I don’t need this. Maintaining the core of my website was not supposed to be my passtime.

My needs are pretty simple, and I know WordPress is simple, well-supported, and adequate to my needs.  So, I’m starting a conversion project.  With luck, I hope to be able to convert the earlier Drupal posts and pages with their dates intact, so the wordpress version will still read like the journal the Drupal site was.  Standby…

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