IC434, Barnard 33, NGC2024 in H-Alpha

This image of IC434, Barnard 33 (the Horse Head Nebula), and NGC2024 (the Flame Nebula) is the start of a larger project.  This monochrome image was taken in Hydrogen Alpha light during a nearly full moon (H-Alpha is essentially immune to moon light pollution).  Colour will be added later when more imaging time presents itself.


Camera SXV-H9 1392 x 1040 pixels of 6.45 µm
Temperature Did not record Did not record
Telescope SV-80S 480mm f/l, f/6
Mount Losmandy G11
Guiding SXV Guider on Pronto, Side-by-side
H-Alpha 90 min (6×10, 2×15) unbinned: 2.8 arc-sec per pixel
Darks 10
Flats 10
Processing Maxim DL

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