M51 Aug 26, better blue, better processing

M51, Pinwheel Galaxy, project continuing. More blue collected to reduce noise in that channel, and each channel reprocessed to reduce sky glow gradient.


Camera QSI583wsg 3348×2574 pixels of 5.4µm
Temperature Ambient 15° C Chip -10° C
Telescope AT8RC 1625mm f/l, f/8
Mount Losmandy G11
Guiding Lodestar
Luminance 90 min, 18 5-min subs unbinned: 0.69 arc-sec per pixel
Red 65 min, 13 5-min subs bin 2×2: 1.37 arc-sec per pixel
Green 90 min, 30 3-min subs bin 2×2: 1.37 arc-sec per pixel
Blue 81 min, 27 3-min subs bin 2×2: 1.37 arc-sec per pixel
Darks 32
Flats 16 per filter
Processing CCDStack (Median), Photoshop, GradientXterminator


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