Two Big Changes underway

Two things are in progress for the observatory:

  1. A new Right Ascension worm block. It has arrived from Bisque and I’ve installed it, but haven’t yet had a clear night to re-do PE measurements and see what effect it’s had.
  2. A PZT (Pod Zenith Table) – a DIY project, supported by hardware and plans sold by SkyShed, that allows the clamshell dome roof to be rolled off to the side.  Doing so will open up the whole sky above the dome – where, right now, I can’t point straight up or, indeed any higher than about 70° altitude.  Considering how high my horizons are (hedge, house), opening up the sky above will make a huge difference.  The PZT woodwork is assembled and I’m in the process of painting;  installation in the next few days.

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