Image Testing evening

It’s clear tonight and no moon, temperature about 0 C. I used the evening to start testing out the wide-field imaging train.

I eventually plan to image with the C9.25 and, for that, will use the Van Slyke off-axis guider to avoid differential flexure of a guide scope.  I tried that tonight with the SV80 refractor. It didn’t work – there isn’t enough back-focus in the refractor to hold the large VSI OAG.  I tried the old Mead OAG and it works ok, except I couldn’t find a way to attach it to the filter wheel – so I did some tests of straight monochrome imaging and OA guiding.

The guiding works quite well – it took a bit of experimenting with backlash settings, but I am now getting sub-pixel accuracy.

To do:  see if I can work out a way to attach the Meade OAG to the filter wheel.  Failing that, I’ll go back to the guide scope for wide-field.  And in any case, the VSI will be only for the C9.25 – which I don’t plan to get out for a while. I want to get guiding nailed first, and I haven’t constructed a light box for the 9.25 yet.

To end the evening, I took some monochrome test images:

M37-mono-2009-11-17M37, which was well positioned.  Monochrome only, 25 minutes luminance (5×5) plus two dark frames, no flat frames.

M42M42, which was just over my house and so suffered from some heat turbulence.  5×3-minutes.

B33-mono-2009-11-17A quick snap of B33/IC434 area, just for fun.  4 5-minute subs, for total of 20, plus 2 5-minute darks.Click to zoom in and be shocked at how bad the moisture or dust speckling is. Next indoor task will be to check the CCD chip to see if it needs cleaning.  Next outdoor task will be to get the flat-frame light box going.

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