Interfaced temperature sensor to CCD Autopilot

I’ve developed a small bit of glueware to allow a USB temperature sensor, a EL-USB-RT from Lascar Electronics, to feed temperature and humidity information to the CCD Autopilot application from CCDWare. It does this by copying the temperature sensor’s information to a file that simulates a Boltwood Cloud Sensor, so CCDAutopilot thinks you have one of those.

This application requires, and works with, the Lascar software that comes with the sensor, running on Windows XP or Vista. Free for others if you’d like to try it, no guarantees of any kind. Help is included.

Note: A Newer Program Replaces This One

Although this program is still available for download, it is very restricted in what device it can monitor. You would be better off to try this program – a newer one which can handle a variety of temperature sensors. It’s also free.

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