TempSens2: Temperature Sensor Interface, Generalized

I liked the idea of the temperature sensor interface that let me tie a USB Thermometer to CCDAutoPilot, but didn’t like the idea that it was completely dependent on a single device.

Screen snapshot of sensor interfaceThe attached program, TempSens2, generalizes the handling of the input file and should work with any temperature sensor that, with its native software, produces temperature information in some kind of simple text file in real time. You fill out a bunch of forms describing the layout of the input file, and then the program translates the readings to a form that CCDAutoPilot can read.

I have tested it with 2 different temperature sensors (one in the $80 range, one in the $10 range) and have verified that it “should” work with a couple more, based on their online documentation.

The attached zip file contains the installer, which runs on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (I haven’t tried Windows 7) and requires the .net framework. The installer includes help.

No guarantees, but I’d be interested in hearing from anyone using this.

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