Surprise clear sky, recalibrated focuser

It wasn’t supposed to be clear tonight (or any night for the next week) but I looked outside at about 7:00 PM to see clear sky and stars! I quickly changed my plans for the evening and spent a couple of hours outside doing some calibration.

I had re-installed the observatory computer, camera, and focuser this past weekend (in daylight) and hadn’t yet had a chance to calibrate, so I just used my couple of hours outdoors to do multiple V-Curve runs with FocusMax and the focuser. The computer also worked well, although I discovered I had not properly re-installed PinPoint and the Guide Star Catalog when I set things up, so I fixed that too.

It’s clear that I also have to re-calibrate the mount parameters, time, slew limits, etc., as it made a couple of stupid slewing decisions, and ran into slew limits a couple of times. Since this wasn’t an imaging session I didn’t worry about it, but next time I have a couple of hours I think I’ll use it to do a cold start and carefully re-build the sky model and slew limits for the mount.

Packed it in about 9:30, cold hands, but pleased at the surprise clear evening.

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