Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journal page, March 7

Clear all day and clear evening, and a wonderful warm spell has been going on about a week. Temp 8 degrees today. Did some pre-setup in the dome during the day, reloading drivers etc after having to re-image the observatory PC.

Out for imaging about 7:00 PM. Strange pointing problems continued with the mount, but I found a problem that I think might be the problem: the mount and software didn’t agree on epoch; software using J2000 and mount using JNow. I reset everything to J2000. That improved things a bit, but didn’t solve everything – right-clicking on plate-solved images is still not driving correct goto operations; must check the calibration of plate solving, image scale, etc.

Re-did autofocus calibration, about 5 V-curve runs. Did a test image on M45, trying to catch the reflection nebulosity. About 1 hour of images, LRGB. Guiding worked very well, +/1 1 pixel error. Rough guiding earlier in the year may have been related to cold temperatures making things run less smoothly? I gathered data until it sank below the hedge.

Quick look at the data indoors at end of session – seems to be some kind of smearing in the Green, resulting in a green gradient. I wonder if it was filter wheel problems registering wrong colours, will check that. In fact, I wonder if I have the Green and Blue filters swapped in the wheel. Once I get around to doing some G2V calibration I can firm this up; but will check the right filters are in place just to satisfy myself.

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