Now we’re getting somewhere

Lum-Median-LRGBBacking up and re-focusing on some basics has paid off. I’m quite pleased with this first result on M27. This is 4 hours of data over about 2 weeks, 1 hour each of LRGB, with RGB binned 2×2. QSI 583 camera on an AT8RC, autoguided with a Lodestar, on a G11.

What I did differently to make this result better than previous ones:

  • Better autoguider and more attention to guider settings
  • One colour per session, taking time and not rushing
  • Focused for each filter
  • Flats for each filter, immediately after the data gathering, so filters are certain to be in exactly the same spot
  • Normalized & stacked with CCDStack, basic processing in Maxim, more processing in Photoshop.

The problem is, this is quite addictive.  Now I want more data – several more hours of each, and I can see never being satisfied.  More data to follow when the clouds leave.

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