Start capturing colour for M13.

It was a pleasant evening last night – very clear, and unseasonably warm (+17 degrees at midnight, after frost the night before).

M13-Mean-Red-ScaledI was able to capture an hour of Red data for M13 under good steady skies. I thought it might be interesting to share the colour channels data for such projects as they are collected, in case others might like to use them to experiment with processing, colour combination, etc. (I found few such examples to play with when doing my own searching some years ago.)

M13-Mean-Green-ScaledM13 Green channelRather than collecting more Red with the remaining time, I switched to Green and managed about 25 minutes of it. Unfortunately, I have a high hedge in the wrong spot in my observing location, so after 25 minutes, the target sank into the hedge. I’ll need more Green another night, but this is at least a start.

No Blue yet – that channel is noisy at the best of times, so I like to do it when I have a lot of time for many subs. It may be a week or more now, since the moon is starting to interfere.

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