Converting to Drupal 7

I’ve been away from the observatory and this web site for almost a year for various reasons. On return, I found the web site messed up badly – changes at the ISP (PHP upgrades) were incompatible with the now-obsolete version of Drupal running the site. So, as part of getting the observatory back on the air, I’ve upgraded this site to Drupal version 7. That broke a lot of things, so gradually rebuilding.

One thought on “Converting to Drupal 7

  1. Richard McDonald Post author

    Use Mollom!
    Wow, I didn’t realize how much Mollom was helping me. I was tired last night and suspended the conversion before installing the new version of Mollom. Overnight, I received a dozen spams through the site’s contact form – in the space of about 6 hours. Reinstalling Mollom is the first thing I did this morning. If you run a Drupal site and don’t use Mollom, look into it; you’ll be glad you did.


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